They needed more AC in the ballroom.

When we first walked into the ballroom, I was wishing I had worn something more than a strapless dress.

I was shivering from how low the thermostat had been set.

I made the comment that I felt like I was going to turn into a snowman and one of the men with us put his suit coat around my shoulders. Four glasses of wine and five dances later, I was handing him his suit coat and pulling him onto the dance floor. He laughed and said it looked like I wasn’t minding the cool air anymore. I waved my hand in front of my face and told him they could probably turn the air conditioning even lower. Five minutes later, all the guys had vacated our tables, leaving just the women sitting there. I asked what happened to the guys? Gena said they had all gone on a mission. They were in search of the thermostat so they could turn it down. They didn’t want their girls to be so hot they refused to have fun. We all laughed as we spied them peeking under curtains and skulking in corners. Fortunately, as we sat there, we got cool again and we were ready to start dancing again. When they returned, they hadn’t found the thermostat, but they found several bottles of unattended wine and brought them back for us. We were drinking and dancing, and they forgot all about finding the thermostat. I still could have gone with a bit more air conditioning, but it wasn’t worth giving up all the fun we were having. A little AC isn’t worth losing precious time with friends when you’re young.

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