The dorm room is so cold during winter that I had to get a space heater

I always planned to go to college close to home.

I thought it would be cheap and easy to live with my mom and dad and get a degree from a local school.

I live in a fairly large city, and there are three universities within 30 minutes of my home. I planned to attend one of those schools. During my senior year of high school, I met an extraordinarily wonderful girl and all of my plans changed. She moved to the area during her senior year, but she planned to attend college in another state. We met in economics class and I sat right behind her. We talked every single day before class and I finally asked for her phone number. We had a couple of dates and then we made our relationship official. When we started talking about the future, I realized that I might have to change my plans in order to keep the relationship. Instead of applying to schools close to home, I applied to all of the schools that my girlfriend was interested in attending. Both of us were accepted to a school up north and we were still dating when it was time for school to start. We wanted to share an apartment, but freshmen have to stay in the dormitories during their first year. We were stuck in separate areas. My dorm room was so cold during the winter that I had to get a space heater. I used the space heater the whole time I was going to college. It was only 7 degrees on the day I bought the room heater. I didn’t want to spend my college years in a cold and frigid environment, but I like seeing my girlfriend everyday.


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