The air quality is absolutely horrible right now

Right now there is a lot of dust on all of the surfaces in my home. During the last couple of weeks, the days have been filled with a great deal of wind. The average wind speed is around 30 miles an hour and sometimes we have gusts that are twice that high. Because there is so much dust and dirt in the air, the indoor air quality in my home is absolutely horrible. I changed the air filter in the middle of the month because there was so much dirt in the house. A couple of days later, the air filter was filled with dust and dirt again. My only solution was to purchase an indoor air purifier. I thought it was going to cost a fortune to purchase the air cleaning machine, but I found an indoor air purifier that was reasonably priced. The machine has a washable air filter, so I will save a lot of money on air filter replacements. The air purifier arrived by delivery yesterday morning, but the machine was too big and bulky to handle on my own. I waited until my oldest son came home from school and the two of us set up the air purifier. The machine is louder than I hoped it would be, but it still isn’t as noisy as an air conditioner. There is a light on top of the air purifier, so I know that the machine is working properly. The air purifier is supposed to remove 99.7% of the indoor air pollutants like mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and allergens. I really hope it helps our family breathe more easily.

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