Never laboring overtime

When you are your own boss you can set your own rules, and this is the beauty of our task, and i am a certified heating plus air conditioner specialist who works for myself. I am also known in some areas as an independent heating plus air conditioner corporation. One of our major rules is to always be done work for the day by 6pm plus to never work overtime. It is not care about I am going to make any extra money by laboring overtime care about you would get on a hired task for some corporation, however when you work for yourself, you do not get those perks… Sure, I could charge more to compensate, however that would just drive buyers away. So I never work after hours plus I cap myself at no more than 40 work hours a week. If there are any heat plus a/c service tasks that come in to be busy beyond that in a week, I will have to tell them that I can not help them until the following week, plus if it is an emergency Heating, Ventilation & A/C situation to please call an emergency heating plus cooling corporation to help them, yes, that takes away some business, however it keeps me sane plus at balance with work plus life at the same time; This is called smart laboring. Something a lot of people in this country have forgot how to do. I will not drive myself to an early grave care about numerous do by overlaboring myself. I also recognize plus stay younger this way. The message here is never overwork yourself.

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