My promotion today

I was so excited and happy when I found out today that I was getting promoted at work! I am a heating and air conditioning worker and the HVAC company that I am part of decided to promote me today from basic HVAC worker to manager of other heating and cooling specialists.

Not only does this pay a lot better, but it also means that I do not have to be out on the HVAC field as much.

Sure I still have to go on heating and air conditioning repair and installation calls, but I will not be doing it every day as I have been the 3 years I have been working at this heat and a/c company. I will spend some days showing new heat and a/c specialists the ropes of the company and giving them some on the job training by going with them to their very first heating and cooling repair and installation calls to make sure that they do everything right. This new position for me will begin next week and it will be really nice. Not only for the pay, but because I will feel as if I am doing something more important for the heating and air conditioning company that I work for than just being another number out in the field repairing the central heating and cooling systems or doing some kind of HVAC installation. Also the change of pace will be good for me mentally as well. It is never a good thing to do the same exact thing day in and day out.


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