Jeff yelled at the waitress over the a.c

My name is Sammi and I recently started seeing a guy named Jeff.

Jeff and I met online, and this was my first time using online dating after getting out of a long term relationship.

Jeff and I had gone on a few dates, and he seemed to be a nice guy. It was the summer, so we did some outdoorsy dates such as picnics, going to the beach, and going to an air conditioned movie theatre. Jeff decided to take me to his favorite restaurant. It happened to be the hottest day of the summer, so my air conditioner was on blast as I was getting ready, and my hair was frizzing from the humidity, so I threw it up in a bun to keep me cool. Jeff picked me up in his air conditioned car, although I was perspiring just from the time I walked from my home into his car, however we got to the restaurant, andI noticed when we walked in it did not feel super cool as it normally does when you walked into an air conditioned restaurant. I did not say anything, because I didn’t want to seem like I was ungrateful or picky, and I realized how hot it was outside, so I figured my body just did not cool down from the air conditioner like it normally does, and when we got to our table, Jeff started complaining about how hot he was and how the air conditioner was not working. I told him we could go anywhere else with a working air conditioner, even though he decided to yell at the waitress instead. I told him that it was not the waitresses fault that the air conditioner wasn’t working, even though he did not listen! That was our last date.

a/c tune up

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