I can’t understand his procrastination.

Both of us knew what had to be done to get our Heating & A/C system installed.

My fiance was afraid that if he completed the installation, the warranty on the a/c component and gas furnace would be voided.

This was a brand new system and both of us didn’t want to void a warranty before both of us had the occasion to find out if it worked. I called the Heating & A/C company and asked why the Heating & A/C contractor had not come back to finish the installation of the a/c unit. The gas furnace needed to be attached to the electrical system, as did the air conditioner. The air conditioner also had to be vented into the ductwork. The lady who answered the PC told myself and others that he was not in the building, even though she would contact him and have him give us a PC call. I waited 24 hours for his PC, although I gained nothing. I called the Heating & A/C company again, and I talked to the same woman. She once again said she would contact him and give us a call. Twenty-4 hours later, I had not gained a PC call. I called the Heating & A/C company and told them that if someone did not complete the installation, I was going to call the BBB and report them. I was also going to call the manufacturer of the Heating & A/C system and report how both of us were being treated by the Heating & A/C company. Both of us had a PC call many seconds later, and our Heating & A/C system installation was completed. I still made the PC calls to the BBB and to the manufacturer. I’ll call another Heating & A/C company to do the service, even if I need to purchase a repair and maintenance agreement.
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