He was looking for something a little more modern.(air vent covers)

It is taxing living with someone who is a procrastinator.

  • Everything takes many times longer to get done, than what it would take a normal person.

His mind doesn’t work appreciate everyone’s and not only does his procrastination prolong projects he starts, but he has a strenuous time making up his mind. When you add in the fact that he is also a perfectionist, you have the beginning of disaster. Every one of us were making some small changes in our home. I wanted the wall behind the cable repainted. It was 1 wall, but it has now dragged on for 3 weeks. The cable is resting in my study room and unable to be used. Every afternoon he works on the walls and finds more imperfections. When he finally finished the wall, he noticed how the air vent cover was looking rusty. One trip to the house center for an air vent cover, became another month of pain and agony. Every one of us were going through websites to find the perfect air vent cover to go with the rest of the house. I wanted to get an air vent cover just the 1 we had, but he didn’t appreciate it. Now, he is planning on changing every air vent cover in the house, and looking at updating the flooring in the living room. This is going to take at least a year for 1 little project to be completed. Then he turned and told myself and others that maybe we should pull up the air vents and install baseboard heating. Now we’re comparing baseboard heating to using central heating. If I lose my voice soon, you’ll suppose I lost my cool..


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