Whatever the weather, our heat pump comes through for us

I just don’t think I would make it anywhere that the winter weather required a gas furnace or a boiler or something like that.

That’s just a lot of HVAC heating power right there. So that means the temperatures dictate the need for such big time heating methods. That is no place for me. Hey, I love quality heating and air as much as the next guy. But I don’t think I’d ever survive a winter with temperatures that need a gas furnace. Instead, I’ll stick to the winter I know. And that winter is one where the temperatures are actually quite nice. Plus, there’s plenty of sun and cloudless skies as well. If there is a cold snap, all I have to do is flip the heat pump over to heating. Honestly that’s not too often. And even if I need the heat pump for heating, the heat pump makes short work of it. Now the heat pump is truly designed for the opposite of the temperature spectrum. It’s called a heat pump for a reason. That’s because this revolutionary HVAC technology is able to move heat energy elsewhere. And for residential HVAC, that means outside of one’s home. The heat pump gets a maximum workout during the summer heat season. But that’s what it was designed to do. The heating in the winter is really sort of a bonus given that a heat pump can extract heat energy from outside air down to near freezing temperatures. If it gets colder than that, there is a supplemental heating grid that fires up to help with heat energy. Yea, I’ll stick to where I am and let my heat pump take care of me no matter the season.

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