The guy is a good friend of mine

I work at a multiple star resort in the region.

The place is well-known and has been for numerous years.

I often have celebrities in the area and they stay in the room under an assumed name. When I started working at this job, I was working as a busboy in the kitchen. I slowly and carefully worked my way up to the manager. While I was working my way up, I became friends with all of the other employees. The guy who repairs the heating and AC system is a good friend of mine. Whenever I have issues at home with the heating and AC unit, he always comes to the rescue. He will sit on the phone and talk me through the issue or he will come to the rescue in person. I really value the guy’s opinion. When he told me that the heating and AC system in the hotel needed to be updated, I really did not want to spend that type of money. The guy assured me that it was necessary or we would have problems the following summer. I felt it was important to trust his judgment since I believed nearly everything he said. We decided to get rid of the old system and it was good that we did because the compressor actually had a small hole. That whole thing would have eventually caused a number of problems but because we got rid of the system ahead of time, we never had to deal with any problems. There are times in life when it is helpful to make friends and that includes personal and professional relationships.

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