The airport has to be cold and sanitized

The people I was with in addition to myself are incredibly exhausting after traveling a lot for work.

It can be worth it because there is a lot that we learn.

Both of us make several figures throughout the year in addition to having multiple beach homes. Each of us live our own lives in various ways in addition to not having many regrets. We’ve had the opportunity to spend time with our family in addition to creating many epic memories using the money that has been earned. Traveling around to various areas comes with a bit of a problem sometimes. Airports do not always have the best indoor air quality. These places have thousands and hundreds of people that are there every day. They do not prioritize the cooling system, but they absolutely must prioritize cleaning. I visited an airport that had the worst indoor air quality in the people I was with and in addition to myself saw lots of particles floating inside of the air. We wandered around the airport to look for a place to set and there was awful indoor air quality everywhere. The people I was with in addition to myself literally knew that they legitimately did not replace the air filters. There was a lot of dirt on the air vents. Some of the better airports have a fantastic cooling system in addition to an air purifier. The best indoor air quality is from airports that are international traveling airports. They do not want passengers to carry diseases in addition to sickness and it is necessary for these airports to have good heating and AC systems.



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