Recovery process gets a boost from custom HVAC

I know for sure that I have taken my life for granted, in large part, my entire life.

  • It’s easy to do when thing just are always working out for you.

I was raised in an affluent manner. Our house was well appointed and perfectly HVAC maintained. There just wasn’t much of a care for me as it all came so easy. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t make an effort because I did. But the ball sure was teed up nicely for me. Even into my 30’s now, it’s been a good roll for me. I have a house I love which also has quality heating and air. The job I do is a passion and I have a terrific partner in my wife. So when I got sick, it was hard to process. But when you are facing a life threatening illness, you get real about it right away. Thankfully, I had great medical people around me and am now out of danger. However, the recovery will be lengthy and much of it requires rest. It was hard for me to even get up to go to the bathroom much less keep changing the thermostat setting. Fortunately, I was able to take care of that. All I had to do was call the HVAC professionals. They are the ones who always come through for me whenever I have any sort of heating and cooling issue. For this, they simply installed a smart thermostat. The beauty of the smart thermostat isn’t just that it takes care of the heating and cooling operation for you. No, the beauty of it in my situation is that I’m able to control the thermostat from an app on my phone.


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