I’ve enjoyed dancing over the years, but these days I mostly just relax

There was a time when I would get into dance competitions amongst friends and rivals. It all started out as fun in the beginning, but it became pretty serious over the years as we all worked on new dance routines and skills. While it was fun dancing wherever we could, even on the streets, it was always best in a venue that had excellent climate control. I always found that my dancing was most on point when I was in a good venue. That’s why it was my favorite thing to go to the dance clubs. I mean, we’re talking about a place that is designed for dancing. There’s plenty of space on the dance floor and the crowd easily divides when you initiate a dancing competition. The DJ always gets into it also and hypes all the people up. I appreciate certain dance clubs too because they have the best climate control equipment, good air quality, and they keep the temperature control settings just right. And you know it takes a powerful climate control system to handle so many people in the building. All those bodies just heat up the atmosphere, especially when everybody is getting their groove on. As of late, I am retired from dancing, but I will get into all the fun from time to time. I still enjoy going to some of the old dance clubs I used to frequent. It’s always a great way to let off some steam every so often. I do enjoy staying at home the most lately though with my energy efficient ductless mini split.



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