I used to be a big time movie goer, but these days I mostly keep it at home

Back in the day, I used to enjoy going to the movie theatres.

I always thought it was fun going with my family, but if they didn’t want to go I would often go on my own.

Sometimes I would go with friends which was always cool too, but I always had to remain focused on the movie. I hated when people wanted to go to the concession stands in the middle of the movie or go to the bathroom. It ruins it when you miss parts of the movie, you know? That’s why I mostly loved going on my own to films. And I have seen a lot of big hit blockbusters that still remain some of my most preferred to watch films to this day. One of the things I appreciated the most about the movie theatre was the amazing climate control they had. In the summer months, the A/C was always feeling nice. In the winter, it was also just right and I could never recall having a lousy experience. These days, I will go to the theatres very rarely. I only go when there is a film I have been anticipating because I have to admit, I don’t enjoy all of the newer films so much. Of course, I have my own little movie theatre in my house now. I have the perfect climate control in a separate zone and I have a classic movie theatre theme to my movie theatre. Friends and family love to come over all the time to enjoy watching classic movies, and sometimes even the newer films.


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