I probably should have listened to my wife, but I’m happy that I installed an HVAC

I definitely should have listened to my wife when she told me it was not a good idea to try to fix our HVAC system. She said that I was going to void the warranty. I thought that sounded ridiculous, but she did warn me. She also said I wasn’t an HVAC professional, but I watched plenty of DIY videos for doing this type of work. I was careful and made sure the power was off before doing anything. I carefully removed the cabinet and got to work with replacing a few parts. It probably would have been okay if I got the original parts that were needed, but I got some off generic brand of parts. They ended up working in the HVAC for about a year, and then a few of them failed. When I eventually had an HVAC professional come out, he said I definitely voided my warranty. He said the HVAC was basically ruined because it was working with the wrong parts. I thought he was just trying to make me feel stupid and wanted to sell me something expensive. He did offer to install the new HVAC, but said I could do whatever I wished. He did advise against trying to work on the HVAC again myself. Well I didn’t want to have him install anything, so I looked into the DIY ductless mini splits. I ended up installing one myself. My wife said I was making a big mistake, but it turned out okay. She actually is happy that I did it now, even though the warranty is probably void.

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