I get a case of air filters at Christmas

There are plenty of purchase I make as a lead up to Christmas.

And I’m not including gifts in any of those purchases.

There are big grocery shops and plenty of stuff for the house. Of course, there is the tree and the new decorations. Seems like Christmas lights don’t last like they once did. And I stop at the hardware store to buy a case of HVAC air filters as well. That sounds weird right? It’s not like the Christmas season is when I buy my annual allotment of HVAC air filters. No, it’s a reminder for me to be ever vigilant about making sure the air filter gets checked on a weekly basis during the holiday season. But why would you need to check an air filter that often during the holiday season. It’s the candles man. My wife is crazy about the candles in our home. She burns candles during the holidays like they are simply going out of style. And for me, I didn’t realize until it was almost too late just where all the burnt candle wax ends up. You guessed it. All that wax goes straight to the HVAC return and lands on the HVAC air filter. Hence, having many air filters on hand during the holiday season. I learned this the hard way when I noticed that the HVAC unit was continually cycling on over and over. It wasn’t all that cold outside so I was mystified. As I always do prior to calling the HVAC company, I made sure there weren’t any obstructions inside and out and I checked the air filter. That air filter was almost completely sealed with candle wax.


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