HVAC upgrade reduces the whining

Sometimes I have to work rather hard simply to see things through my kid’s perspective.

But it’s worth the effort because it keeps me from going off on them a lot more than I do.

Honestly, I don’t like getting after my kids at all. Having grown up with a dad that would just blast me over something like daring to touch the HVAC thermostat had an effect. Still, I’m the dad and I have a responsibility to help mold my kids into decent adults. Still, it’s a very, very different world than the one I was faced with at their age. So it helps when I check myself a bit and consider that as my frustration grows at times. But the whining does get to me. My kids have a great life with just about every want granted. That makes hearing them whine about the heating and cooling in the house a bit tiresome. We have three kids who have very different heating and cooling needs. There is no genetic similarity with regard to their individual internal thermostats. This results in far too much thermostat yanking and yelling at one another. Ultimately, I end up with someone coming to me to whine about the thermostat setting. Instead of hollering at them, I called the HVAC company. I priced out how much it would be to have an HVAC technician convert our existing HVAC over to zone controlled HVAC. Then, I gathered the kids. I told them I would happily take care of this heating and cooling dilemma with the zone controlled HVAC. But they had to stop whining about the HVAC and the other petty stuff or I’d make them help pay for the zone controlled HVAC conversion. It’s much quieter in my house these days.

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