Don’t pull the HVAC warranty panic move

When I was a kid and I got a present on my birthday or Christmas, I simply just tore into that thing.

The anticipation was just more than I could bear and I wanted to be enjoying my new toy.

There was no time for reading directions or making sure warranty paperwork was stored properly. That stuff meant nothing to me. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that I was of similar behavior when our new HVAC unit was installed. That new HVAC equipment had been a long time in the planning. We had been saving for new quality heating and air for over a year. We were just fortunate that our old HVAC equipment held out as long as it did. And I have to say, that old HVAC unit really gave us more than we expected in years of heating and cooling comfort. This was most likely due to the fact that our HVAC got regular HVAC maintenance thanks to the HVAC service plan we belonged to. And we never suffered from a major breakdown the entire time we owned that HVAC unit. Still, knowing that we were getting new heating and cooling equipment made me feel like a little kid. It’s a good thing my wife was paying attention to the HVAC professional after the installation was complete. All I wanted to do was fool with the new zone controlled HVAC and the smart thermostat. My wife, however, learned all about the HVAC warranty and she even made sure to register it with the factory. So when I panicked months later about that very thing, she just sort of smiled at me.


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