Why should you hire an HVAC contractor to replace your ductwork?

If your heating or cooling system starts to perform inefficiently, your first assumption may be that your system needs repairs or perhaps replacement.

However, that is not always the case. Sometimes your ductwork could be the reason why your system is running efficiently. Poor duct sealing is a reasonably common problem in the heating and cooling industry. This is partly due to inexperienced individuals, who have not licensed professionals, installing ductwork during home construction. Air pressure inside the ductwork can also result in ductwork developing cracks and holes. Professional duct installation will decrease the likelihood of such risks occurring. Without professional duct replacement and installation, the stability and design of your duct system will suffer, impacting negatively on your indoor air quality, and ultimately, your health. It could also provide easy passage for pollutants into your home through your vents. When air leaks develop in your ducts due to improper installation, you will experience discomfort in your home. Your HVAC system will also have to work harder than it is designed to achieve the desired temperature, consuming more energy and consequently raising your utility bills. Unprofessional HVAC replacement will have a poor design which can impact negatively on your unit’s efficiency. Poor duct design includes too many bends and improper materials, leading to an inefficient duct system. An HVAC contractor will also come with the appropriate tools for the job, making the installation process successful with the first try. They will also come with a warranty for the job, eliminating all the liabilities on your part in case the duct installation process goes south.

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