Thought my neighbor didn’t have an umbrella

I was really happy when I bought my own beach house, it was a huge step for me.

I love everything about the place too, especially the HVAC system and the fireplace.

The HVAC system is actually a ductless mini split with built in air purification. I always have the perfect air quality and the heat pump works great at removing all the humidity from my home. I am always there relaxing watching the waves crashing to the shore, especially when it’s raining. I have noticed a bunch of times this lady walking along the beach everytime it rains. I figured she was my neighbor because she always comes from down the way. I felt bad for her because I thought she didn’t have an umbrella. One day I went out there with two umbrellas when I saw her. I offered her the umbrella and said she must have been freezing. She smiled and said she didn’t need one. She asked if I would walk with her, and so I did. Then she told me I should close my umbrella and just feel the rain. She said it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I finally understood why she was always walking without an umbrella. I decided to close the umbrella and it really was kind of nice. I invited her back to my home to enjoy the fireplace and she agreed. I made her some hot cocoa which she enjoyed and she said I had a really nice fireplace. We’re only friends, but we now go walking together on the beach all the time when it rains and we usually go back to my house to warm up near the fireplace.
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