The poker room was very cold last night for some reason

I had coffee and hot chocolate all night.

My friends and I love to go out to the poker room every Friday night. I love to play cards and I love to gamble. My friends are exactly the same way. Most of us met at the poker room playing Texas Hold’em. The poker room is always very cold. I’m not sure why they have such a chilly atmosphere, but I always have to wear a light jacket or sweater when I go to the venue. Last Friday night, it was extremely cold inside of the poker room. I was wearing a sweater over my t-shirt, but I still had goose bumps on my arms. I was seated in the third seat at the table, directly under the AC air vent. I didn’t feel the AC air vent turn off even one time while I was sitting there for three hours. Thank goodness the poker room has coffee and hot chocolate. I normally have a couple of cold beers, but the AC air vent made me feel very very cold. I had coffee and hot chocolate all night. I had a couple of shots of Irish cream in my coffee, and that helps warm up my body as well. The next time my friends and I go to the poker room, I’m going to sit at a different table. Even if I have to wait a couple of minutes to play, I’m not going to choose the same seat as last Friday night. I lost almost six hundred dollars that night and I think my game was off because it was too cold to concentrate.

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