The online meals help a lot

This was our senior year in college & our entire fraternity wanted to go out with a bang.

We were throwing a giant party for not just our own fraternity, but for our sister fraternity, too.

We thought about having a giant BBQ as they had last year. Then the people I was with and I were reminded about what already happened with that BBQ. The grills had been forgotten & left unattended while the stupid guys went for beer & to find their women. We ended up with a fire that quickly spread to the open lot behind us & downed 3 trees while threatening not just the old fraternity house, but two others. We almost lost our fraternity because of that one. My dear siblings & I got together & decided a BBQ was out of the picture. One of the wiser guys commanded the people I was with and I ordered prepared meals online. I threw a heavy pillow at him & told him he sounded more like one of those ads for GrubHub, & almost everyone laughed. We soon got extreme with the idea when the people I was with and I realized he may be right. We didn’t have to order prepared meals from diners. There was no reason why the people I was with and I actually couldn’t get local food delivery from McDonalds, Burger King, or even KFC. Large food orders often came with a discount, which saved us cooking & time away from the total fun of the party. We called many unusual local food delivery services. We finally ended up with fried chicken, fried fish, french fries, baked potatoes, & coleslaw… and the party was a crucial success.

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