Signs didn’t do anything

When I bought my house, there were remnants of several different security systems left behind.

It is an older current home and some of the unit had been wired in.

There was a pressing security panel situated in a laundry room that had once controlled a series of cameras and alarms. There were wireless sensors installed on all of the windows and outside doors. There were floodlights mounted near the peak of the roof. We also had signs for the security monitoring corporation posted all the way around the property. I had no clue what to do with all of the equipment, but none of it was working though. Some of it looked brand new. I considered calling the security corporation listed on the posted signs and seeing about reactivating their equipment. In the end, I figured that the signs would be okay to stop a break-in. About one year ago, I took my family on a ten-day trip over the Christmas holiday. We had a great time on a tropical beach. When we came home, my family and I discovered that our home had been broken into and robbed. They stole our TVs, speakers, PCs, some cash and small appliances. They also caused mangle to furniture and rugs. Having signs advertising a security idea didn’t help. I realized we needed a modern, finally working security system. Both of us substituted all of the seasoned units and started fresh. Both of us now have state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, automated door locks and sensors for glass breakage, smoke, moisture and movement. The streamlined idea looks better, provides total peace of mind and has also lowered our insurance payments.


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