Noisy heater scares off deer

My neighbor likes to attract deer to his yard.

He doesn’t shoot them, he just likes them.

That is why he throws corn out every single day. He also throws out vegetable trimmings and stuff like that from time to time. It doesn’t bother me any so I don’t say anything. Well last week my neighbor came to me because my electric heater is bothering the deer apparently. I have central heating and there is an outdoor part that collects the air or something like that. Recently this outdoor part has been very loud. I can hear it clunk when it turns on and off. It kind of sounds like a transmission that is about to die in a car. I have been meaning to call up the heating technicians but just haven’t gotten around to it. My neighbor was upset when he knocked on my door. He said that he had tried to be patient but that every single day now my heater has scared away his deer. They come up to the house and start eating. Then my heater clunks and makes noise and they run off and don’t come back for a long time. Apparently my noisy heater is making it so that some of the deer aren’t even trying to come back anymore. I could see how upset my neighbor was so I told him I would get it fixed right away. Technically, we aren’t supposed to feed the animals in this community but I didn’t mention that. Instead, I called up the heating technicians and they came out on Thursday. I hope my neighbor is happy now and that his deer will come back.

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