My boyfriend found out that I was going condo for supper because of the smart temperature control

My boyfriend and I have been living together for a year, but our relationship is fantastic for the most part.

Occasionally all of us argue about small and insignificant things! I wish all of us found a better way to communicate when this happens.

I started coming condo for my supper split a couple of weeks ago. I did not tell my boyfriend that I was going condo for supper, because I entirely appreciate that time for myself. I go condo and make a sandwich and rest in front of the TV. Occasionally I play video games and occasionally I watch Netflix. It is entirely the only time while I was in the day that I genuinely have to be alone, and during our routine Heating and A/C appointment last week, my boyfriend decided to update the temperature control to a smart machine, but the smart unit has a lot of fantastic features. The two of us can change the temperature in our condo from any locale using an application on our smartphone or tablet, another feature of the smart temperature control is being able to monitor when the temperature is changed. I did not realize that my boyfriend would be able to track my movements due to the Heating and A/C equipment! When I was coming condo for supper, I was decreasing the A/C so it was genuinely cool and cold, but every time the temperature control was adjusted, my boyfriend got a little notification on his cellphone. After 3 afternoons in a row, he finally accused me of having an affair. I had to carefully explain why I was going condo for supper. Thankfully, he trusts me and knows I would never hurt his appreciate that.

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