I can’t believe I was eating somebody else’s hot dog

I remember recently when I went to this hot dog joint.

The temperature control settings were awesome and the air quality was nice in the place.

Even though the place was crowded, the A/C was still doing great and I couldn’t even complain. I felt like I was waiting for my hot dog forever though. I ordered one of those footlong hot dogs with only ketchup and mustard, because I don’t need all those toppings. When they finally called my order number 341, I was so happy to get my food. I right away opened the hot dog and took a bite out of it and set it down just savoring the flavor. This guy came up and gave me a look, and then he picked up the hot dog and took a huge bite out of it and he set it back down. I couldn’t believe this guy just bit my hot dog and I was really hungry. I didn’t say anything though, I just picked up the hot dog and took another bite out of it. He gave me another look, and then he picked up the hot dog, split it, and ate the other half and left the remaining for me. He seemed content and walked out of the place. I sat there fuming for a minute because that guy ate half of my hot dog. Then suddenly they called for order number 341 again… Or so I thought. I looked at the order number for the hot dog I was eating and it actually was order 340! That was actually that other guy’s hot dog and I was there eating it before he got to the counter. No wonder he gave me that look. I would have ran after him to buy him another hot dog, but he already drove away.



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