Hard managing all my units

I am the property owner of 10 rental units.

I do our best to keep the apartments in good shape.

Whenever a renter moves out, I take the opportunity to renovate and substitute. I’ve gradually substituted most of the windows and light fixtures in the building. I’ve cleaned walls, run up-to-date power lines and plumbing and invested in higher efficiency appliances. I’ve purchased up-to-date stoves, fridges, washers, dryers and water heaters. I’ve installed smart thermostats, automated door locks and surveillance cameras! Each week, I devote hours to mowing sods, cutting shrubs, raking and the required yard work. Most of our renters like our efforts. They spend money on rent on time and only call me when there’s a problem they can’t resolve. I don’t mind getting called for leaking pipes or a malfunctioning air conditioner. I get aggravated by those renters who are never glad and consistently have an issue. I occasionally get called because a light bulb needs to be changed or a filter needs to be cleaned. I genuinely had a renter complain to me that her home was dirty. I’ve gotten complaints for shrubbery on the walkway after I mowed the sod. There’s been problems because some renters don’t disinfect up after their pets. When I mow the sod, I don’t want to run over cat bowls. The other renters don’t want to deal with it. I finally had to threaten to raise everybody’s rent if I found any more pet stuff in the sod. There are times when I consider turning over the responsibility to a property management dealer. It would cost myself and others ten percent of the rent but might be worth it.

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