Even when the van broke down, the climate control system was working great

I thought it would be fun to go on a road trip with some friends. Most of my friends unfortunately said they were busy, but Amanda said she would like to tag along. She asked me if I had my van tuned up and had the climate control system looked at. I told her that I actually did have all that done and the oil change was done recently as well. The climate control system was working great in the van actually. I even did something crazy and had a ductless mini split hooked up. The condenser sits in the rear on a mount and I have a large solar panel attached to the roof of the van. This makes it so my battery always stays charged and I can use the climate control system even when I don’t have the car turned on. Amanda was saying how it was smart. Also because nobody else was coming with us, I decided to put a small mattress in the back and remove the chairs so it would be easier to sleep in the van. With the climate control system always working, it was very comfortable. I especially love the ductless mini split because I’m not wasting any gas while using the cooling system, it’s great. Well, I didn’t plan on my van actually breaking down in the middle of nowhere. I ended up having to call AAA to have the van towed to the nearest repair shop. Fortunately, the ductless mini split was working fine, so we were not roasting to death in the heat. Instead we just played card games with the A/C working while waiting for the tow driver. The guy was amazed that the climate control system was working fine and he thought it was the coolest setup he had ever seen in a long time.

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