Alone in the woods and wanting security

I thought it would be a good idea to move out of our house in the town and buy a home in the woods.

I was sick of the traffic, dogs and lack of space.

I wanted to have seclusion, fresh air and a vegetable garden. I found the perfect home in the center of nowhere. I have a pressing lawn surrounded by woods on three sides, then from our kitchen windows, I correctly catch sight of vultures, fox, chipmunks, deer, groundhogs, all kinds of birds and bunnies. I particularly care about the peace. I appreciate sitting on my large front porch and drinking my tea in the afternoon. A motorcar rarely drives down our dirt road. However, when I first moved in, I was downright scared. At night, the quiet is upsetting. I felt severely vulnerable. I finally invested in a security idea for the sake of a peaceful night’s sleep. The upgrade process was quick, non-invasive and not overly pricey. I went for the full premier package that includes glass sensors, automated door locks and surveillance cameras. I’ve got motion activated lights and an alarm, and the whole idea is monitored 24/7. If that alarm fires off, and I fail to type in the safety code, the authorities are instantly sent to our location. At any time, I can watch the images from the security cameras on our ipad, phone or PC. I get an alert when somebody enters the property and I can see or talk to anyone resting on our front step. The only problem is that I do get greater creatures triggering the lights and alerts.

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