We went to the HVAC showroom.

Have you ever had one of those days when everything you touch breaks, nothing seems to go right, and you’re ready to give up? That is the kind of month I have been having.

I’m not going to give up, because that just isn’t me. I did, however, decide that it was time to make a change. Since I had nonstop problems with my HVAC system, I decided to take a day and go shopping. Our local HVAC company had just opened a showroom with all the newest and greatest HVAC systems and add-ons. I told my wife she had five minutes to get into the car. She grabbed our son and jumped into the car. When we got to the HVAC showroom, where we started looking around. What surprised me was that from the moment we walked in, I noticed how good the air quality was. The air was as fresh as a spring day. It was cool and there wasn’t a breeze to make the cool feel damp. There were so many different gadgets and types of equipment, that we couldn’t even think what it all was. I walked over to the counter and asked if there was someone who would give us a guided tour of all the HVAC equipment. The woman chuckled and gave us a thumbs up. She called one of the HVAC technicians to the showroom. He showed us all the new HVAC equipment, along with the ductless HVAC systems, and the air purifiers. We knew we were going to buy something, but we just weren’t sure what.

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