We installed HEPA air filters.

I sometimes wonder what it is with my family that nearly everyone in our family suffers from allergies, asthma, or both.

Our son has chronic bronchitis that our doctor says will either go away when he gets older, or it could get worse and turn into chronic asthma.

This shouldn’t surprise me since that is what happened to me. I guess a lot of it has to do with heredity. My wife has allergies, but they aren’t as bad as I have them. Last time I took our son to the doctor, he asked if there was an air purifier in the house. He said that most of his patients had big changes in their allergies and asthma, with the use of an air purifier. I told him we looked into a whole-home air purification system. We just couldn’t afford to have it installed. I talked to the HVAC company when we got home. I asked them what we could do to help with the allergies. He told us that we may be able to install HEPA air filters. HEPA air filters were made to help eliminate 99.9% of all dust, debris, bacteria, and even molds and germs from the air. It was able to catch even the smallest of particles before they could get into the air. It hasn’t ended the bouts of asthma and allergy attacks, but it has definitely cut down on how often it happens and how severe they are. The doctor told us that we could see if the insurance would cover an air purification system. If it will, I won’t hesitate to have an air purifier installed, but we’ll still keep the HEPA air filters.



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