The Owners Had Paperwork For Their HVAC Servicing

The owners hadn’t experienced any troubles with the HVAC system because it was cared for

As I was touring homes to buy, I made sure to ask questions about the existing HVAC system. After living in an beach house where the HVAC system was rarely serviced by a professional, I was eager to find a loft that had quality heat and air, however some of the houses seemed good in the listing, but when I toured the home, I could tell that the HVAC system wasn’t taken care of properly. A lot of times, when I questioned the listing agent about the HVAC system, they’d slip up and tell myself and others that the owners had tried to repair the HVAC system themselves, but i didn’t enjoy this response because it told myself and others more than 2 things, however the largest thing it told myself and others was that the owners weren’t having the HVAC system serviced by an HVAC professional. I was a immense believer in having HVAC systems serviced by professionals because I knew how expensive it was. An HVAC system that was serviced by an HVAC professional was more likely to run efficiently and not wear down as quickly. It took more than 2 months, however I finally toured a loft where the owners tested their HVAC system… Not only was the HVAC system a few years old, but there was paperwork that detailed all the times an HVAC professional came to maintenance the equipment. The owners hadn’t experienced any troubles with the HVAC system because it was cared for. I confidently put an offer in on the home knowing that the HVAC system was appreciated and it would run efficiently for me.


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