She never went back on her word.

There is nothing worse than a person giving you her word in addition to then going back on it.

I have a cousin who did this all the time.

She would make a promise to someone in addition to then when it came time to fulfill that promise, she had a reason to back out of it. I had never asked him to help myself and others out, shape or form. If she ever offers her help, I just say thank you, knowing she will not show up. My wife was talking about installing a more current cooling system component into the house. It was just a window mounted AC unit, however it was too heavy for just a single lady to handle. The AC components were going to cool our entire downstairs. My cousin was at our parents’ cabin when all of us had been talking about the AC unit. Both of us were planning on installing the AC components right into the wall. Both of us wouldn’t need to worry about finding the locale to store it. During the winter, she had a panel made up to go over the AC components that would look best a window box. Both of us were so gleeful to get a more current cooling system component in addition to get it installed. My sibling came over in addition to help. She said she could even take care of strenuous wiring the AC components so all of us didn’t have to play with plugging it in. It would be on its own circuit box. My cousin chimed in in addition to said she could help with the replacement. Both of us set up a time in addition to day for the replacement, then i don’t think who was more surprised to see our cousin show up; our mom, our dad, or our siblings?
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