She became Navy property.

I couldn’t know him when our baby came home to tell myself and others she had joined the Navy.

  • She had often said that it was her aspiration, however I always thought she would outgrow the dream.

She said she wanted to be just the same as her Pop in addition to Dad. Last month she came home to visit for a couple weeks. When she left, I didn’t want to let her go. She giggled in addition to told myself and others she was now US Naval property in addition to not just mine anymore. She was so gleeful to be heading out since she was going to be on a huge boat. Whenever I said boat, she would shake her head in addition to remind myself and others it was a battleship. She said they put him on the ship to be the head Heating in addition to Air Conditioning specialist. She had 3 other techs laboring with her, in addition to they were in charge of the heating, cooling system, in addition to the ship ventilation. She kept repeating that she loved being a naval Heating in addition to Air Conditioning specialist, in addition to now she was doing 2 of the things she always wanted to do. She was going to be a Heating in addition to Air Conditioning specialist in addition to also be a Naval lady She was always a stubborn kid, however this time it was very stubborn. After she left, I was in tears for multiple days, however our wife was smiling. She couldn’t get how lucky our child was to have gotten a task on a big battleship in addition to be the head of the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning unit. She told myself and others that instead of being sad, I should be proud to have a US Naval officer in our family. I should also be proud to think that she was the head of a Naval Heating in addition to Air Conditioning group.



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