No more moving around

For the last five years, I had been looking for a permanent place to call home.

Changing jobs every couple of months and moving state to state to keep a job was getting exhausting and old.

I wanted something that was going to provide me job security and a place I could call home. My mom was shocked when I told him this, since I had been a rolling stone for over nine years now. She laughed and asked me if I had met a boy? I hadn’t, however it was something I had been giving some thought to. I wanted to get married and have a family some day. When you moved around as much as I did, you didn’t have the choice to find someone to share your life with. Mom told me that the local Heating and Air Conditioning company was hiring and the owner was looking for an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman to buy him out. He wanted to retire and start a life with his wife and children. I had our Heating and Air Conditioning certification. I received our Heating and Air Conditioning certification right out of college. I had started working for a national chain of Heating and Air Conditioning companies, and I had learned to be an excellent salesman. Instead of repairing and installing industrial Heating and Air Conditioning systems, I was now selling them. I loved the job, however going back to my roots was appealing. I went that weekend and I talked to the owner. He remembered me from our earlier mornings in addition to he told me what he needed if I wanted to buy him out. I gave him half down in addition and luckily he would take the rest in payments. I bought myself a Heating and Air Conditioning business.


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