My brother looks like a sasquatch

My brother is very tall with long hair and a long beard. He has hair all over his arms, legs, back, face and neck. To a lot of people, he might look like a Sasquatch from a distance. My brother has used the same hair salon for the past three years. The last time he got his haircut, they really screwed up. His beard was different lengths on the side and his haircut wasn’t tight and clean like usual. My brother came over to my house after he was at the salon and he was complaining about the person that cut his hair. I told my brother that he should start going to a barber shop that specifically caters to men with long hair and beards. My brother and I went online and looked for a local barber shop. There wasn’t a single male owned shop close to us, but we did find several barber studios closer to the city. My brother and I made an appointment so the two of us could get a trim and cut together. We didn’t know what to expect from the barber studio and we were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. The place looked like a boxing ring and there were pictures of boxers and other sports figures all over the walls. The owner of the shop even had a picture of Muhammad Ali that was autographed. I felt right at home when we sat down in the chairs. The barber was very funny and he made a lot of jokes while he was cutting my hair. My brother enjoyed the experience as well. From now on, I think both of us will go to a barber shop for men instead of a traditional salon.

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