I was thinking about the flowers in bloom. (Summer was coming

Winter time felt appreciate it was never going to leave.

Both of us had some nice afternoons, but the freezing afternoons seemed to be all we remembered.

I wore a jacket even during the house. When I saw the flowers start to bloom, I knew we had beat Winter time again. Summer would soon be coming plus we would no longer worry about the oil furnace. Our oil furnace had been giving us trouble for many years now. It seemed that we just couldn’t save enough cash to be able to replace the oil furnace. My husband wasn’t working because of the pandemic, plus I retired right before the pandemic started. Luckily, I had gotten a section time task plus I was able to labor from home. There was something to be said about having a task that left you able to labor from cabin during a pandemic. I regularly had task security. This year but, was the year we had planned to replace the oil furnace. Even with all the labor we had done so we could afford a current oil furnace, we still didn’t have enough cash without our husband working. During the last freezing snaps, I observed the oil furnace was even less efficient than it had been. I told our husband I was afraid the oil furnace wasn’t going to last us much longer. He called the Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor plus asked them to look at the oil furnace. The young Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman shook his head after looking at the oil furnace. He said it was done working plus we needed a current 1. Even though the cash was for emergencies, we had to buy the oil furnace because it was also a necessity.


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