Did you look at the thermostat lately?

We started having some difficulty with our heating last week. I asked myself if he had looked at the thermostat lately? He looked at me like I was being stupid and he said yes he had looked at the thermostat. That was how he knew the temperature wasn’t where it should be. I just shrugged and told him I was just asking a question and I walked away. I sat looking at the main thermostat and I knew the problem had to be with it. In spite of my thoughts, I did what I was told to do and I called the HvAC company. The first thing they asked was if we had checked the batteries in the thermostat. He explained that if the thermostat wasn’t working, the furnace wouldn’t work either. I already knew this and that was why I was questioning my husband about the thermostat. My husband had only gone by the blinking light we got when the battery was dying. Maybe there was a problem with the thermostat’s warning light and it wasn’t working. If the light wasn’t working, we wouldn’t know if the battery was good enough. I had already called the HvAC company and they were on the way, but I still took another look at the thermostat. I had a spare set of batteries for the thermostat. I grabbed the batteries and even though my husband thought it was working well, I changed the batteries. I hit the small reset button on the side of the thermostat and I counted to ten. When I let up on the reset button, the furnace turned on. Fifteen minutes later, the house was back up to temperature.

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