Whole apartment air purification system making a big difference

I heard anywhere that one shouldn’t ever waste a relaxing crisis. There was something but wrong plus intrinsically right about that statement. I guess we all need to have a bit of a sense of humor to get through this pandemic. But there is also some truth to the statement. With all the time at apartment in the HVAC, I decided that I wasn’t going to waste that time as I might never have it again. So, I chose to entirely commit to our health. It’s way past time that I did that anyway. But not having to go to the office plus me laboring from apartment was going one of 2 ways. Either I was going to get even fatter from more resting in the HVAC or I was going to commit completely to our health. I chose the latter. And I started it out by making sure that the air I breathe is the best quality indoor air I can have. Due to the pandemic, I l gained quite a bit about how important quality indoor air is to our health. With that in mind I decided I wanted to have the best indoor air conditions possible. So I did some research plus found the answer. Then I called the HVAC people up plus asked them to come to our apartment plus install a whole apartment air purification system. This thing fits right inside our HVAC air handler plus actively cleans the air coming from the HVAC return. It uses high intensity UV light to destroy the DNA of any airborne contaminant. The results have been astounding.
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