The floor was covered in a slimy substance

One year for Spring break, my partner and I decided to take the kids to a theme park for the week.

Both of us had an exceptionally large tax return and the two of us planned an exciting getaway for the kids.

Both of us rented a hotel room at a resort close to the theme park.The kids got to eat supper with their favorite superheroes in the day. The resort had more than two outdoor pools and two hot tubs. The place was positively perfect except for the heating and a/c. My partner and I rented a suite and the heating and a/c in the home office was a lot older than the component in the kitchen. My partner and I noticed a slimy substance on the floor under the heating and a/c. It was red and oily and it looked like it was dripping from the a/c. My partner called the front desk to complain about the heating and a/c, so they sent a housekeeper to scrub the floor! Unluckyly, the machine started to leak as soon as that man left. Both of us had to deal with the slimy substance during the whole weekend. Every few hours, my spouse or myself took a small rag and wiped the puddle up from the floor. Thank goodness the heating and a/c in the kitchen worked just fine. It would have been a crucial pain if the two of us would have been forced to service both machines the entire time the two of us were there. Even though the two of us had problems with our weather conditions control system, the several day getaway was otherwise perfect in every way.

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