Need to prep the HVAC too

My mother in law is coming to visit for a week and I dread it.

She is a pretty demanding guest and I know she doesn’t like me.

I bend over backwards trying to make the house perfect. I get a whole bunch of food and prepare a meal every night. I do laundry daily so she always has clean clothes. I also prep the house before her arrival. I recently bought new sheets, a comforter and pillows for the guest bed. I am currently hunting a new rug in there to tie the room together. I will clean the entire space from top to bottom. I also will wash the tub, sink and scrub the toilet in the bathroom. Another task is getting the HVAC serviced before her arrival. My husband and I don’t really use our HVAC equipment. Neither of us spend a lot of time indoors. It makes sense to power off the HVAC and just save the money. Only on really hot and cold days does the HVAC need to do anything. Basically at night is when it needs to work. When my mother in law is here, we are inside constantly. She hates sitting outdoors due to not being the right temperature and bugs. I need to make sure my HVAC is up to date. It would be a disaster if it died during her visit. Not only would she freak out, but it would be all my fault. I am not giving her any extra ammunition to hate me. Paying for HVAC service is worth every penny.


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