My dad believes in hand myself and others downs

When I was growing up, my dad was and still is a strong believer in hand myself and others downs.

Since I was the youngest of numerous siblings, I consistently got the crappiest clothes that often had stains on them and just in general in bad condition. I had to beg my father just to get some modern clothes, which he was often incredibly hesitant to do, even growing up as a teenager, he still didn’t get myself and others modern things. It didn’t matter how cheap it was, he would use old things and try to make it appear charming to me, which it never was. It didn’t matter if it was clothes, shoes or everyday items, everything was USble to him. I could actually set something on fire and he would still try to provide myself and others the charred item. This never changed, even now as an adult. A great example of this is a month ago. He called myself and others to tell myself and others that he was getting an a/c upgrade. He was sleepy of his old a/c, because it was an older model of a/c. I congratulated him on getting a modern cooling unit, but blatantly that wasn’t why he was calling me. He was calling myself and others because he was asking if I wanted his old cooling component. I was shocked, love why would I want his old Heating plus Air Conditioning? I remembered it was my father I was talking to, so I told him no, I wasn’t interested. If I was going to get a modern Heating plus Air Conditioning device, it would be brand new. But my modern heating and cooling unit is doing just fine, so no need. My father seemed disappointed, and he went to go and call my other siblings.
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