My boyfriend likes it cold

My boyfriend drives me out of the house with his HVAC settings. I swear he is a menopausal woman secretly. He always wants the AC on. I sort of dread summer because that means the cooling system is pumping 24/7. I get sick of being cold in the house. I frequently wear pants and a jacket because he has it so cold. Most of the time I just choose to be outdoors to get a better temperature. I would way rather be a little too hot then cold. I work outside on the porch, workout in the lawn and I do a ton of yard work over the summer. Basically until it is time to make dinner, I stay away from the house. It is sort of sad that air conditioning is the reason I am not inside that much. It isn’t exactly cheap to cool the house to that level either. My boyfriend doesn’t set the thermostat to a realistic setting. So that means he is paying more to provide cooling and needs to go to extreme measures to help like turn off the lights, close the blinds and never open a door. It is a little annoying. The winter is better, and yet not. I don’t really get any heating in the winter. My choices for temperature control are AC or none. I only get to turn on the heater if I really start complaining or if my boyfriend leaves the house. If he goes out to dinner with his friends or needs to get his car inspected, I immediately up the heater and enjoy the warmth.


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