Make sure any HVAC repairs are left to the professionals

I sometimes wonder if we are ever going to get back to some semblance of normal.

The vaccines are here but it still seems like things are going to remain tough for a while.

I don’t mind sticking to the pandemic protocols at all. That is something that I can deal with. I’m sort of accustomed to working from the relative security of the HVAC in my home. Our offices are still not fully open yet and I’m not sure I’m ready to trust that HVAC system as much as I trust my own to help mitigate my chances of getting sick. In my house, I have a whole house air purifier working in conjunction with a HEPA air filter to mitigate the Covid risks. Don’t know exactly what the office has going on. Once enough of us are vaccinated, I’ll feel comfortable about going back to the office. Until then, I’ll stick to the HVAC at my house. To that end, I just had the HVAC tech out to do the annual preventive maintenance. It’s best to have him do this prior to the heat getting here. But I found out that I will need to have a rather significant repair done to the HVAC. That is rough given the fact that I am working for less this past year. I have saved as much money on just about every expense that I have. So it was a real bummer to find out that I was going to have to spend money on an HVAC repair. I even gave some thought to finding someone else who would do it for cheap. But that is just a stupid idea. Anyone willing to do the HVAC repair for cheap will be unlicensed and I just can’t go that route. Plus, the work won’t be guaranteed either.


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