I’ll take the locale where the heat pump is king

So to me, choosing this sort of life over what I grew up with is not a difficult choice at all

For me, there particularly isn’t too much difficulty choosing to live in the south over the north. This is often seen as forever puzzling to members of my family. They are all from the fantastic white north just as I am. However, I chose to live in the land of the Heating & A/C heat pump right out of college. It’s been decades but I still get grief from family members over my choice to live in the south. Their argument has mostly to do with local culture & proximity to family. That is an argument that has plenty of merit. However, my argument is that I just couldn’t take the winter. My life growing up, I just dreaded the winter. I hated having to be cooped up in the Heating & A/C all winter. I didn’t much care for Wintertide outdoor athletic activitys so there particularly wasn’t much more to do than stay inside & be warmed by the Heating & A/C oil furnace. Once I got a scholarship to a southern college, I jumped at the opportunity to leave all that Wintertide & Heating & A/C heating behind me. I graduated from that southern college & simply never left. And who can blame me? I live in an part where the sunshine shines all Wintertide & the heat pump hardly even kicks on. That is the sort of Wintertide I’m interested in. The Summer is a scorcher but I have a fantastic Heating & A/C heat pump to get myself and others through that with relative ease. So to me, choosing this sort of life over what I grew up with is not a difficult choice at all. And if my family were able to live where I do, they might see it the same way.

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