I will never go back to that hotel.

For the last fifteen years, my fiance plus I had been going to the same hotel to celebrate our anniversary. The hotel was a casino resort, plus there were plenty of things to do. I wasn’t thrilled with shopping, but there was a pressing mall that was once a seagoing ship. My fiance plus I spent hours just walking around plus looking at all the sites. We especially enjoyed the fifth floor where they had 27 odd diners. The hotel itself had another more than 2 diners, plus plenty of activities so both of us never had to go outside. The last year both of us went, both of us swore would be the last time both of us decided to go to this hotel. The Heating plus Air Conditioning program was so exhausting that both of us couldn’t find comfort no matter where both of us went. At night, it got so chilly in the room that both of us were shivering. No matter where both of us set the control unit, it ended up being around fifty by day. In the afternoon, it got harshly hot. I must have called the front desk at least 4 times trying to get someone to look at the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. When the overheated water would not work, they blamed it on my not knowing how to turn the overheated water on. I was talking to someone else who was at the hotel plus they said they were having the same problems with the Heating plus Air Conditioning program plus the overheated water. She said that if he hadn’t gotten the weekend for free, he would be going home. I agreed with her. Without wonderful Heating plus Air Conditioning plus overheated water, the entire trip was a bust, plus we’re not going back. So much for modern management.


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