I miss our temperature controlled sunroom

My seasoned lake house had what is called a sunroom. It was an extra room added onto the back of the lake house with lots of windows. It had a good view of the gardens as well as it was sort of adore being outside, as well as yet not. I got the benefits of having AC in the Summer as well as heating in the winter. I always entertained in the sunroom since it has all the benefits of being indoors but some aspects of being outdoors. I now have a current lake house that doesn’t have a room adore that. The closest thing I have to it is a large front porch. It is not wide enough to hold our table as well as chairs though, also, the porch isn’t even screened. I have been spoiled with a room that has Heating as well as Air Conditioning control, however now I just have to sit outside in the heat as well as cold. I deal with wind as well as rain. Also, at evening bugs are a problem. I have thought about enclosing in the area. Most people request screening in the front porch as well as making it a lanai. A screen only keeps out the bugs though. What about having heating as well as air? I would need to add windows then as well as make it our own sunroom. The cost of this project would be quite severe, although I miss our seasoned room. I know I would sit out there everyday if I had access to quality heating as well as air. Since I don’t, I hesitate to sit outside since I am never the right temperature; Perhaps I can add a small little sunroom on the back of the house. That might be a cheaper option.

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