I met our husband on the job.

When I met our husband, I didn’t really enjoy him really much.

He was a cocky, know-it-all you thought he was the only 1 in the supplier who could do his job properly. I couldn’t believe how condescending he was. He talked me through the first job all the way to the purchasers house. He thought he had to explain step-by-step, how to service an a/c unit. While he was still talking to the customer, I had the a/c unit torn apart and just about cleaned before he showed. He told me I had done the simple section and I shouldn’t be patting myself on the back. I finished the a/c unit and had the coolant topped off before he could say another word. I walked into the house and explained to the owner what I had done. I gave her the receipt for the work and thanked her for her business. The next job was to maintenance a furnace. Although the people I was with and I were doing a/c services, it was still winter. This furnace maintenance ended up being nothing more than a terrible battery in the temperature control. I remembered how our instructor always said to beginning at 1 point and work our way up. The owner was cheerful to realize it was just a simple repair, even though our mentor was angry that I had found the problem without his help. Two years later, he was gushing that I was the best Heating, Ventilation and A/C tech he had ever trained. I remembered rolling our eyeah since I had only worked with him that first week. That’s when he asked me for a date, and the rest was all history.

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