I like to have my place immaculate for guests

Whenever I recognize all of us are having guests over, whether it be people I recognize or just a repairman, after that I make my apartment look as wash as possible.

  • I take the opportunity for deep cleaning, besides, now with Spring on the way, my apartment is in need of a deep cleaning anyways.

So, a month before the serviceman was supposed to come over, I got started on the deep cleaning. I was having a HVAC serviceman come over for a straight-forward HVAC repair, however still, I thought I might as well make my apartment look as enjoyable as possible. So, I cleaned the windows, the carpet plus the tile. Then I moved on to cleaning my furniture, going over the appliances plus my computer desk. I took my vacuum cleaner to remove any leftover dirt plus dust. I picked up around my house, some wrappers left over I threw in the trash plus I was mostly done. As a final touch, I sprayed some fresh odoring fragrance around my home, to make it odor nice. The HVAC tech arrived without issue, plus it was after that I realized. I forgot to wash my HVAC system! In my head, I could picture it being covered in layers of dust, plus the HVAC professional staring at it appalled. I felt almost sick to my stomach realizing this. In reality, the HVAC specialist came over plus didn’t even notice the apparent dust on my gas furnace plus air conditioner. She even put her hand in the dust plus didn’t seem to have any qualms about it. I still cleaned the air conditioner component once she had left, because I knew it would bother me otherwise.


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