I hadn’t talked to him in over a year.

Fifteen months ago, my brother announced that he was quitting the family business.

I couldn’t believe the way my dad reacted.

He told him that if he wasn’t good enough to work with, then he wasn’t good enough to be his father. My brother was so upset that he walked out of the house and never returned. My father acted like his loss didn’t mean much to him, but I saw how he looked at my brother’s locker and tools whenever he went into the office. He was devastated to not have him working with us. My dad had his HVAC company for over thirty years and I think he wanted my brother to take over when he retired. When Bob quit the HVAC company, it was quite a blow to dad. It has now been over a year, and the loss of my brother is still being felt. Mom was devastated that Bob hadn’t showed up for Christmas or Thanksgiving last year. Thanksgiving was coming around in another month, and she was starting to get depressed again. I got a phone call from Bob about two weeks ago. He was married and they had just had a little girl. He wanted his daughter to know her grandparents. He said that he had missed all, but he was sure dad was going to be proud of him. He had just bought out an HVAC company in the local area. He was now going to be in competition with dad. I told him I had taken over the HVAC company about six months earlier and he laughed. He said the best HVAC technician had won, and he couldn’t wait to see everyone.


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